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Zhejiang Wansen electric heating equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of electric heaters, temperature control equipment, power station auxiliary enterprises, has 20 years of production experience, has withstood the test of the market, is the leading enterprise-related products, with the international advanced production technology and testing equipment.

    Companies specializing in the design and manufacture of heating equipment, electric heaters, explosion-proof electric heater used in major nuclear power plants, chemical, petroleum, oil refining, electric power boiler tubes, pipes with electric oven, electric rods, electric duct heaters, tank electric heater, electric heater welding equipment (Huff heaters, crawler heaters, rope heaters), pipe band (silicone rubber plus tropical, glass fiber band), aluminum, copper , high temperature ceramic heating plate, silicon intelligent automatic control cabinet, steam turbine bolt heating rods, reactor electric heaters, explosion-proof electrical heating oil furnace, oil systems and other products, according to user requirements and design, production of special electric heating equipment requirements.

    Companies with "integrity, innovation, leadership, and win-win" approach, has been insisting to the introduction of technology, integrated innovation, independent research, cooperation strategy for the development, has won a number of honors. Companies in the industry earlier passed ISO9002 quality system certification.

    Thanks to the new and old customers to our company's favor, the desired product, as always, free design, installation guide, we will do better pre-and post-sales service return visit to work, so that our product quality and service quality so that You double satisfaction, the last wish all friends smooth, successful career!