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Global Services is our relentless pursuit

In the era of science and technology to lead the future, despite strong international production technology and advanced equipment and technology, the expertise to maximize the efforts of the East is the direction. We convinced, through continuous efforts, the East for the majority of domestic and foreign customers with excellent products and quality services, to become the industry's most professional supply and marketing, to become our customers the most reliable partner. For a long time, Eastern professional technology and perfect service, service-related industries in the world, has made remarkable achievements, product separation in the petrochemical industry, new energy, refining, shipping, gas, water treatment, food medical, chemical machinery , metallurgy and other industries widely used, and exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Iraq, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kazakhstan and other countries and areas.