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Dear customer, you!

    First of all welcome you to visit  Hangzhou Wansen Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.website!

   Hangzhou Wansen Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou since its inception, has always been to rely on technology to manage the basis of the quality of life, adhere to the technology works, realistic and innovative; unity of spirit, integrity of the world's entrepreneurial spirit, forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence, relying on its strong technical force, to learn the essence of technology at home and abroad to form a complete, have distinctive features and user satisfaction by electrical heating equipment.

Fruitful,WanSen Electric Equipment ten years of entrepreneurial development, not only created a brilliant performance, but also temper the outstanding expertise of nearly a hundred talents, gathered a large number of domestic central air-conditioning duct and new materials to create an elite experts who have extensive professional experience to lead the industry technological innovation has made meritorious performance.

    Looking to the future, "China Dream" in the clear to China tomorrow. In this chase the dream, the dream of a great era for our customers to provide quality products, reasonable prices and perfect service is our eternal pursuit Chuanke development, we would like more customers become partners, gather wisdom from each other, each of the Young long, we grow together and write a more brilliant chapter.