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The company to participate in the 2007 China international home textile products and accessories exposition
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How to extend the life of electric tube through routine maintenance

heating pipes should be fully immersed in the heating part of the heating medium, heat dissipation to avoid unpleasant and makes electric heating temperature exceeds the allowable pipe damage. In addition, the wiring lead-out portion to be exposed to the heater or the heater outside the insulation layer, so that this part should not be damaged by overheating.

input power, voltage should not exceed 10% on a variety of electric tube marked rated voltage, as applicable at less than the rated voltage, the heat generated by the heating tube will drop.

electric tube terminals, applications two nuts when wiring is relatively tight, do not use too much force in order to avoid leaving the electric lead screw loose tube damage.

When electric tube terminals should be clean, dry, and vice versa will reduce the insulation performance is shorted breakdown, if applied chemical corrosive, flammable, explosive and other liquid or gaseous environments, heating pipes should be sealed with insulation wiring section strict protection devices to prevent accidents.

heated when some glue and other substances, such as sodium nitrate, stearic acid, paraffin, etc., before the heating should reduce the supply voltage to reduce the heating tube heat until all melted into a liquid, and then rose to the rated voltage heated.

selection of heating pipes should pay particular attention to the heating medium. No response to heating tube shell material erosion.

electric tube prolonged use, if the surface gathering thicker pipe scale, grease should be removed regularly, otherwise it would be electric tube heat pipe performance degradation caused by surface heat load exceeds the rated allowed damage.

heating pipes should be stored in dry warehouse, Ruoyin long-term placement, surface moisture, in effect using the application megger insulation resistance. If less than 1 Mohm / 500 volt, electric tube should be placed in drying oven to 200 degrees.

special heating pipes should carefully read the instructions before installation to avoid making the damage.