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The company in this exhibition gain distinction
Sourceú║This web site  Hitú║3672 Timeú║2008-3-14

How to choose the appropriate explosion-proof electric heater, first of all to consider the power size of explosion-proof electric heater. Under the condition of satisfy the time parameter, the choice of power is needed for calorific value in order to satisfy the heating medium, is to ensure that the explosion-proof electric heater heating can be achieved, the first selection of normal operation.

As a result of the explosion-proof electric heater thermal efficiency is close to 1, think of it this way: the power is the calorific value of explosion-proof electric heater.
The calculation of power selection should consider the following three:
(1) from the initial state, according to the rules of time for the heating medium to the set temperature (temperature);
2 under the working condition, the calorific value is enough to maintain the medium temperature;
(3) should have a certain safety margin, average 1.2.