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Creating the brand service business
SourceThis web site  Hit3247 Time2008-6-24

2008 is the Chinese art history unusual year, rising raw materials, labor costs increased, the regulation of the real estate policy, the stock market downturn, the market overall sales decline, the enterprise faces a severe test.

As my company -- Shanghai silks glume home textile co., LTD is a new enterprise, the start is faced with the reality of the downturn situation, we can't go hard, we are at the beginning of the start to today's situation had analysis, to today's situation also prepared, so we start planning and construction of brand strategy, market we made positive adjustment, also is in the specific historical period, specific market demand down out of a can grasp, has its own unique operating way, establish a can make their development, and built to last value idea, set up the brand image, enterprise image, "do fine, do only, do not wide" rely on team spirit formation centripetal force, cohesion, creating the brand, and stronger brand, form a good atmosphere of mutual coordination, get everybody's mutual recognition.

Now each enterprise all have their own different strategic marketing means, we should learn from some in our favor good thing, give full play to our unique embroidered advantage, take advantage of others' advantages and our complementary, and carry out the inn in inn brand construction, and go your own way. Will their own advantages into core competitiveness, to face the challenges of the market and the test.