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The advantages and disadvantages of cluster type electric heater
Sourceú║This web site  Hitú║5271 Timeú║2014-6-20

1. The possession of the space is little.
2. Compared to respectively components, in the same space, can be placed more electric heating element, make the electric heating element of power density (power unit heating area) is lower and longer service life.
3. High thermal efficiency, because electric heating element is focused, and environmental contact surface is small, low heat loss.
4. Convenient wiring, because of the cluster components inside the heater has finished wiring, the power cable for users only access; And ranked components, complex wiring, power cable access to every small heater, also increased the risk of failure.
5. For pressure vessel, respectively component installation, need natural increase, the number of open hole pressure vessel, needs to increase the difficulty and cost of the pressure vessel design. Only need to open a hole and cluster components.
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