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Introduction of electric heating
Sourceú║This web site  Hitú║5484 Timeú║2014-6-20

First, the characteristics of electric heat tracing
Process pipeline in our country and the container heating current mostly use the traditional steam or hot water heating. Electric heat tracing is to use the electric energy is to supplement the heating body, heat loss in the process so as to maintain the most reasonable process flow medium temperature, it is a kind of new and high technology products. Electric heat tracing is along the pipeline length direction or tank volume on the large area uniform heating, it is different from at one point or small area heat load on the highly centralized electric heating; Electric heating temperature gradient is small, the thermal stability for a long time, suitable for use for a long time, it needs to heat (electrical) is much lower than electric heating. Electric heat tracing has high thermal efficiency, energy saving, simple design, convenient installation, no pollution, long service life, can realize ?