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Working principle and application range of explosion proof electric heater
Sourceú║This web site  Hitú║4862 Timeú║2014-7-18

Working principle

The electric heater is a kind of power consumption power conversion to heat energy. In cryogenic fluid through a pipe under pressure into the input port of the, along the electric heating inner container specific heat flow, using the path of fluid thermodynamics principle of design, take away the heat energy generated by the heating elements, increased by heating medium temperature, outlet of the electric heater get technological requirements of high temperature medium. Inside of the electric heater control system according to the output port of the temperature sensor signal automatically adjust the output power of the electric heater, so that the uniformity of the outlet temperature of the medium. When the heating element when the temperature is too high, heating element of separate overtemperature protection device immediately cut off the heating power, avoid heating material over temperature caused by coking, metamorphism, carbonization, serious lead to burn out heating element, effectively prolong the service life of the electric heater.

Application range

The typical application of the electric heater is mainly in the application:

1, chemical industry chemical material heating, a certain pressure of some powder drying, chemical process and spray drying.

2, hydrocarbon heating, including oil, oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, heat conduction oil, lubricating oil, paraffin wax, etc.

3, process water, superheated steam, molten salt, nitrogen (air) gas, water gas and so on need to heat up heating of the fluid heating.

4, due to the use of advanced explosion-proof structure, equipment can be widely used in chemical, military, oil, natural gas, offshore platforms, ships, mines and other places need explosion-proof.

The development of electric heating film is huge, which is in accordance with the development trend of low carbon economy. The electric heating film heating mode is not water consumption, the area of the floor, the switch is independent, the energy saving material is the policy guidance, the development prospect is broad. This is the Zhonghui Geothermal in electrothermal film, electric heating of the status of the industry and the authority of the affirmative, especially in the heating industry caused widespread concern. Some experts predict, the technology standards introduced not only means economic and environmental protection of electrothermal heating will be faster into the tens of thousands of households, but also means that the revitalization of the electrothermal film heating industry, means that the advent of the heating industry low carbon development in the spring.