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Wireless charging in the future will become the trend
Sourceú║This web site  Hitú║4765 Timeú║2014-7-29

British drama of modern version of Sherlock Holmes at the beginning of this section, Holmes and Watson first met, judge Watson's brother often drink, because his mobile phone micro USB interface is damaged on the edges. But if the characters in the play with the phone is NOKIA Lumia 920, the script may be rewritten. Because Lumia 920 integrates the most advanced wireless charging capabilities.

With the rapid development of science and technology, it has become a must for the consumer to the electronic products. In the headphones, keyboard, mouse and other electronic products have been freed from the cable, the charger has become the next target. At present, wireless charging technology in Japan, the United States and other countries have emerged and are likely to usher in the future the explosive expansion, thoroughly eliminate the power line. In this context, wireless charging technology is expected to come to the fore, in the fierce competition in the field of IT to expand the new blue ocean.

The principle of wireless charging is not complicated, which is the induction coil in the middle school physics class. But it is not easy to do a good job, because only in the industry to establish the same standards in order to promote the use of technology. Nokia's staff told reporters that the Qi standard is the main wireless charging standards in the world, behind it is pushing hundreds of wireless charging Alliance (wireless PowerConsortium). Its members include Verizon, NTT DoCoMo, Nokia, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Huawei and other companies, the coverage of wireless charging solutions for each production link. NOKIA joined in the establishment of the wireless charging Union, and participated in the development of the Qi 1 standard. At present, there are 49 models through the certification of products, the future will certainly be more products to the market.

The lumia 920 and lumia 820 is the world's first two full support Qi standard mobile phone, especially the lumia 920, users do not need to install any accessories, directly put it in any a Qi standard charger can start wireless charging. Specific charging process is this: when wireless charging adapter products built-in coil near the "charging" near, you can begin to receive energy, and will receive the energy conversion into electrical energy to a cell phone battery charging, power generation efficiency is much higher than the average level of the wired charging. Even if the coil and charge packet does not for direct contact (phone cover the two separated), but both approaches (conventional distance for 3 mm), the energy transfer and charge started. From a professional point of view, this technique is known as the "inductive charging" or "closely coupled charging".

It is understood, at present on the market has energizer, PowerMate brands such as a large number of different styles of wireless charger for selection, Intel and TDK are released wireless charging products, Samsung Galaxy S3 also have wireless charging kit. In addition, as a global first Qi wireless charging technology used in smart phone manufacturers, Nokia also with China International airline reached a cooperation, passengers will be able to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging experience in airport lounges... In the Nokia version of the ideal picture, one day, wireless charging will like Wifi everywhere.

In the vicinity of 1 square meters, you can not through the power cable to complete the device in a wireless charging. The Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and other predators are involved, the prospect of wireless charging technology will become more bright. And for the electric vehicle industry, the electric vehicle charging station is difficult to is always a around, but the "threshold", at present Toyota, Nissan, general these giants trying to in two directions to solve the charging problems: the battery technology innovation, let the battery with a more powerful navigation ability; at the same time, improve the simplified existing electric vehicle charging technology as if an electric car charging process and a common fuel oil automobile, then even if the battery is only 160 km endurance, and how?

Visible, the electric car really want to unimpeded into millions of households, here there are many problems to solve. At the same time, this also means that a lot of market opportunities.

The problem is how to access the grid. Electric vehicles into the home, the impact on the grid will be very great. "If there are thousands of vehicles in Shanghai at the same time charging, you can pull the entire East China grid." Chen Xiangli believes that electric vehicles in large quantities into the family, how to generate the impact of the system is a big problem, but there must be a solution. And GE research in this area has been a step ahead. Last September, GE launched a new WattStation electric car charging pile, WattStation can significantly shorten the time of charging electric vehicles, so as to help people further accept electric cars. Xiangli Chen said: "because of up to 25% of the world's power generation or distribution based on Ge equipment, GE's experience in the field of electric power infrastructure will help address global challenges million electric grid."

Of course, for R & D personnel, they also need to find a lot of answers. This includes: home and construction of intelligent management system how to support electric vehicle charging management? How do we use energy storage and renewable energy (such as home solar panels) to reliably manage and meet the needs of electric vehicles? For example, if there is a pattern of innovation directly to the charging station access to renewable energy? To this end, GE is also working with Nissan to accelerate the development of a reliable and robust intelligent charging infrastructure, the two sides of the research field including how to integrate electric vehicles into the home and building;