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Knowledge of stainless steel heating pipe
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Stainless steel electric heater is a metal tube for the enclosure metal sheathed heating element can air heating, metal mold and all kinds of liquids. Stainless steel electric heating tube is placed in a metal pipe of the electric heating element, and the gap part tightly filled with good heat resistance, thermal conductivity and insulation properties of crystalline magnesium oxide powder, in the other processing technology. It has the advantages of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable, easy installation, long service life, etc.. Widely used in all of niter slot, sink, oil tank, acid-base tank, a fusible metal melting furnace, air heating furnace, drying oven, drying oven, hot pressing die device.

That is, the hot water heater manufacturers used stainless steel heating pipe variety is more, the price gap between the various tubes. Also is the electric heating pipe of the stainless steel, the difference of its quality performance is also very big. Stainless steel electric heating tube material quality difference is mainly different quantity containing nickel, nickel is excellent corrosion resistant materials, stainless steel chrome tie with stainless steel anti corrosion performance and process performance achieved some improvement. But low carbon nickel steel to obtain pure austenite and nickel to reach 24%, and as long as 27% of nickel to steel in some medium corrosion resistance of significant changes. So from the material 800, 840, 316L is compared according to the good corrosion resistance and high temperature stainless steel electric heating tube, 800 stainless steel tubes containing nickel content reaches 30%, 840 tube containing nickel has reached 20%. If you use is worse tubular 304 stainless steel containing nickel as long as 8%. Thus, the 316L stainless steel bright rod with high nickel content of high temperature resistant stainless steel tube products are also very advantages.