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Analysis of the advantages of explosion-proof electric heater
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Explosion-proof electric heater is an international popular, high quality and long life electric heating equipment. For the flow of liquid, gas medium heating, heat preservation, heating. When the heating medium under pressure through the heating cavity of the electric heater, using fluid thermodynamics principle of uniform zone great heat generated by the heating elements. The heating medium temperature reaches the requirement of customers.

Nitrogen explosion proof electric heater

Electric heating is the process of converting electrical energy into heat energy. Since the discovery of the power through the conductor can have a thermal effect, the world's many inventors engaged in various electric appliances research and manufacture. Electrothermal development and popularization also with other industries, follow such a rule: from advanced countries gradually extended to all the countries in the world; from the city to the progressive development of rural; by the collective use development to family, and then to the individual; products from low-grade to high-grade.

Electric heater has the advantages of:

1, can heat the air to a very high temperature, up to 450 degrees, the shell temperature of only 50 degrees or so.

2, high efficiency: up to 0.9.

3, the temperature of the cooling rate of the block, up to 10 at /S, the conditioning fast and stable. Will not appear in the control of air temperature ahead and lagging behind the appearance of the temperature control drift is not fixed, it is suitable for automatic control.

4, mechanical properties, due to the heating body are made of special alloy materials, so under the impact of high pressure air flow, it than any heating element on the mechanical properties and strength are good, which a demand for a long time one after another on air and

The temperature of the system and the attachment experiment are more advantageous.

5, durable, strictly abide by the rules in the use case, go up to ten years.

6, clean air, favorable environmental protection.

7, according to the actual needs of the user, the supply of design, customized multi type air heater.