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Product Name FRP Bridge
Product Detail

First, the product features

1 anti-corrosion, anti-aging at 65 C without deformation does weathering peeled

2. Insulation, thermal effect (thermal conductivity 0.14kcl/mhr degrees Celsius)

3 non-toxic, harmless, non-carcinogenic asbestos microbial hazards, in line with the World Health Standards

4 not long moss to prevent microbial growth fixtures, under construction in the correct resistance to strong winds (in the strong wind resistant 120 per hour)

5 hard and tough, impact resistance, even if the wheels can run over restitution (drawing strength 42Mpa)

6 safe and reliable, no open flame combustion, fire

7 good lighting, indoor lighting can effectively solve the problem of lack of energy conservation, energy, environmental protection

Second, installation and maintenance

1, bridge height of 50,100 when all six holes at each end of the connection, a height of 150,200 each when 12 holes at each end of the connection.

2, support spacing: support spacing should be less than equal to the permissible load and load curve support span.

3, bridge width: When selecting cable tray width, should leave some spare space in order to add cable for the future.

4, separated by laying: When less power and control cables can be installed in the same cable tray, but the middle will have to use partition separating power cables and control cables laid.

5, the cable is fixed: When laying horizontal line bridge connecting bridge between the span should be set at 1/4. The cable is fixed to every level of about 2 meters, perpendicular to the cable about 1.5 meters every fixed it.

Application areas:

Widely used in railway bridges, roads and bridges, oil, chemicals, computer cables, telecommunications cables and other industries, it has to protect cables, insulation, insulation, cold, heat resistant, anti-aging, corrosion, acid, etc. advantages. FRP (fiberglass polyester) cable trough light weight, generally only the weight of steel cable tray 1/4, cement cable trough weight of 1/10, easy installation, low cost, suitable for cold areas, highland areas, mountainous areas , the service life of 30-50 years.