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Product Name Thermal oil heaters
Product Detail

Electric heating oil furnace is a new, safe, energy efficient, low pressure (atmospheric pressure or low pressure) and can provide high-temperature heat special industrial furnaces to oil as heat carrier, through the heat pump heat carrier circulation, transferring heat to the heating equipment. HTF electric heating system consists of a combination of explosion-proof electric heater, organic heat carrier furnace, heat exchanger (if any), on-site explosion-proof operation boxes, heat pumps, expansion tank, etc. into a skid, the user only just access to power, media import and export pipelines and some of the electrical interface can be used.

Product Features:

    1, with a low pressure, high temperature, safe, energy efficient features to control the operating temperature.

   2, reasonable device structure, fully furnished, short installation period, easy operation and maintenance, high degree of automation, safety and reliability for a wide range.

    3, due to the use of advanced electric heating organic heat carrier furnace explosion-proof structure, can be used in factories area explosion, explosion-proof rating up to C grade.


    Widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, textile, light industry, building materials, plastics, films and so on.