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Product Name Hydro heater
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Water heater is mainly applied to: water heater, solar water heaters, washing machines, etc. Its market space as the company has been engaged in air-conditioning auxiliary electric heater and polysilicon method of cold hydrogen electric heater market space.

Gas water heater, electric water heater and solar water heater to form the situation of the three pillars of the water heater market. In addition to the gas water heaters, electric water heater and solar water heaters are need to use the electric heater.

At present, the town of about 180 million m households (national bureau of statistics, as of November 1, 2005, the zero), the urban household water heater ownership of 72.5%, has yet to be fully saturated. Water heater generally 5-10 years need to be replaced at the same time, can estimate the average urban areas only the demand of the water heater at 18 million a year.