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Product Name Heavy electric heater -2
Product Detail

The body of a heating device and electric control system components, small size, small footprint, compact structure, advanced design. Equipped with advanced digital temperature controller for temperature control, the outlet temperature can be adjusted according to need. And can automatically display temperature, automatic temperature control, precision obvious. 

2 The device is a high thermal efficiency, heating up fast. If the oil temperature is 80-90 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius rise just 10 minutes in the heating operation, the outlet temperature was stabilized within a set range (generally set at 110-130 degrees C), to stop the heating temperature and power, below is automatically sent to the electric heating. 

Oil temperature increase of 3, Pulling too heavy viscosity decreases, so the burner injector atomization of the best state, that is easy ignition and combustion of oil combustion, making the card the amount of fuel in the furnace without causing discharge smoke, do not paste furnace, furnace tubes and tubes, good suffering from heat effects, good heat transfer effect, thereby reducing fuel consumption, energy saving effect is obvious. 

Four pairs Pulling heavy electric heater reasonable selection, appropriate to increase the amount of oil heated back, the same is to be related to the heating device, disable hot mix of steam boilers, steam oven both cut the risk of , but also saves a lot of money. 

5 Pulling heavy electric heater design life of 3-5 years.