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Product Name Hydrogen electric heater
Product Detail

1 Small size, big power:
    The main uses of cluster internal heater tubular heating elements, tubular heating elements in each cluster maximum power up to 1MW.
   2 fast thermal response, high precision, high overall thermal efficiency.
   3 wide range of applications, adaptability:
   The heater is suitable for explosion-proof or general occasions, it's proof grade up to B-and C-class, and its pressure up to 20Mpa. Can be installed using the vertical or horizontal cylinder according to user needs.
   4 heating temperature is high:
   The heater is designed maximum working temperature up to 900 , which is generally the heat exchanger can not get.
   5 fully automated control:
   By the heater circuit design, can easily achieve outlet temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters of automatic control, and with computer networking, human-computer dialogue.
   Long 6 life, high reliability:
   The electric heaters are made of special materials, plus design power load than conservative, heater using multiple protection, making the heater safety and longevity is greatly increased.