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Product Name Hot and cold water unit with auxiliary heating
Product Detail

80KW with auxiliary heating water chiller

Central air conditioning units and refrigeration and heating effect is closely related to the ambient temperature, the lower the ambient temperature in winter, the lower the efficiency of the host. The central air conditioning unit is in accordance with the standard conditions (outdoor temperature 7 ) performs heating operation, when the ambient temperature and the temperature difference between the standard conditions is large, while the central air conditioning unit can provide the room and the room temperature will be required The greater the temperature difference, on the other hand the ambient temperature so that the temperature inside the hosts reduced when less than 4 will cause the host to boot difficult, even if reluctantly turn, has also been harsh working conditions for a longer period of time, easily lead to compressor liquid hammer, throwing oil danger, greatly reduce the life of the air conditioning unit. Configuration auxiliary heating is pre-heated water medium, elevated temperature, both to ensure the normal starting and running the air conditioning unit, but also improves the efficiency of heating and the heating effect of the host.
How it works:
Not circulating water through a heating medium inlet into the cylinder body, the cylinder body is energized when the circulating water is filled, the circulation water is heated up, the cylinder body to the baffle plate changing circulating water to a temperature within a uniform cylinder, and sufficiently heated circulating water flows out from the outlet pipe.
Product Features:
Central air conditioning auxiliary heating is the enterprise in accordance with national professional standards of design, manufacture products. Has the following characteristics:
1 Compact: auxiliary heating small footprint, easy to move;
(2) Good corrosion resistance: the cylinder wall and the outer surface rust galvanized electrical heater, look no high temperature corrosion resistant silicone spray paint, good corrosion effect;
(3) high thermal efficiency: auxiliary heating temperature of the bottom cylinder surface load is low, large cooling area, reasonable medium flow, no heat dead, uniform heating, high efficiency;
4 High intensity: auxiliary heater using thick-walled seamless tube production, high strength;.
5 Energy: The temperature control device, power input and cut through the temperature control to save energy;
6 Safe and reliable: the cylinder body with pressure thermostat, access control circuit, ruled out the possibility of anhydrous heater heating causes damage to the heating element to ensure the safe operation of the equipment;
7 using the domestic first-class quality high-performance electric heating tube: auxiliary heating uses the production of high-performance electric heating pipe, insulation performance, pressure resistance, moisture resistance are far better than national standards, the use of safe, reliable, long life.